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Production in Gameholic HK (2015-2016)

Gameholic Hearthstone Fireside Gathering

  An open Hearthstone tournament held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Collaborated with AfreecaTV and HKFSES, the tournament was successful and recorded 100+ peak concurrent viewers.

  Eddie was the observer and in charge with the production panel.

Gameholic Youth Outreach Invitational

  8 invited teams from gaming industry competing in an one-day League of Legends tournament at Youth Outreach (協青社蒲吧), Hong Kong.

  Eddie was the production panel and observer, providing tournament live feed and utilizing the overlays and cutscenes.

Production in UNSW HKSA (2015)

UNSW HKSA LoL Tournament 2015

Promotional Video

Game Replay

  Predecessor of their last year's tournament, LoL Tournament 2015 still held the record of the biggest esports tournament organized by UNSW HKSA since their foundation.


The 2-months tournament was split up into 3 stages: Pre-tournament, Online Group Stage and Offline Finals. 
  Eddie was the tournament director who was responsible to bring some professionalism, including the duties of:

  •   Pre-Tournament: Application, Advertising, Graphic Design & Video Editing (Overlays and Promotional materials) , Social Media  

  •   Online Stage: Commentaries, Crew Training, Team Contact, Statistic Entry, Live Production, Social Media  

  •   Offline Stage: Venue Booking, Logistics, Prize Giving, Event Management, Live Production


 He formed a crew team of 10 to assist him throughout the tournament.

Sonicnova 2015

Promotional Video

   SonicNova 2015 TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship was the biggest annual event held by UNSW HKSA, with more than 80 participants and 300 audiences are involved. UNSW HKSA had cooperated with Dynasty Karaoke as our event partner, had invited C Allstar and To Siu Kiu (杜小喬) as their special guests.

  Eddie's role in SonicNova 2015:

  • Cinematic Director

  Providing visual effects, contestant information & video playback on screen.

  •  Publisher

   Designing and preparing all hard copies of posters and event brochures. 

  • Cameraman

   Taking photos and videos for contestants.

Production in Hong Kong Esports Limited (2014-2015)

Hong Kong Esports Challenge (HKESC)

   Hong Kong Esports Limited (HKES) is one of the biggest esports organization in South East Asia Region. It promotes the development of competitive gaming in the region. HKES had raised various professional gaming teams, including League of Legends & Hearthstone , etc. 

     The major tournament held by HKES was Hong Kong Esports Challenge (HKESC). Qualifiers were held fortnightly, and the qualified team would enter the playoffs for the cash prize pool of HKD $150,000.

​  The games chosen for the tournament included some popular titles such as League of Legends, Hearthstone and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

   Eddie granted opportunities to work with the production team, which provided him extensive experience of live production. His duties were ranging from: event planning and scheduling, preparing overlays for the tournament, updating information of players and teams etc. 

​  Eddie learnt how to use professional streaming programs like TriCaster and CharacterWorks etc.

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