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What's up, this is Eddie.

Home-grown and based in Hong Kong, Eddie is a creative entrepreneur, a multimedia specialist, and an esports enthusiast.

He studied in Sydney, Australia, and later graduated with a Bachelor of Media (Media Production) from the University of New South Wales. 

With outstanding capabilities in creative software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Eddie has anticipated many multimedia works, including graphic design, video editing, animation, and web development.

Eddie is a lifetime gamer and is humble, adaptable, and detail-minded. He is trilingual and knows how to work well with people from different countries and cultures. He is also very comfortable thinking outside the box and learning new knowledge. 

Be sure you will take advantage of this creative individual who is a fantastic fit for your team.


Freelance and project-based work are also available.

  "Every defeat is a victory in itself. Nobody can judge your failure or success unless you've given up." - Eddie Fong

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